Dry Eye & Contact Lenses

Uncomfortable contact lenses and reduced wearing time?  Improving tear film quality could make your contact lens experience comfortable again

How Contacts Cause Dry Eye

All contact lenses disrupt the tear film, as a result there is an increase in the evaporation of tears.  Furthermore, when contact lens wearers work on computers and digital devices, the rate of blinking reduces by a factor of six!  If the quality of the tear film is reduced then contact lenses in these environments may cause discomfort when working on computers or driving for long periods.

Improving the quality of tears can make the lenses comfortable again.

Video: Contact Lens Comfort

Video from www.optimed.co.uk

Improving Uncomfortable Contact Lenses

Although artificial tears can temporarily improve comfort, they’re not practical and can cost a lot over time, furthermore, drops don’t treat the problem.

The most common cause of contact lens related dry eye is due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD.   Improving the quality of oils through these glands with IPL treatment can result in more comfortable contact lens wear.

Suffering from Dry Eyes?

Suffering with Dry Eyes?