Dry Eye Test

A comprehensive dry eye assessment will establish the cause of dry eye and we’ll present a dry eye management plan

There are a number of dry eye tests that are performed during your assessment.  A consultation involves assessing the volume, quality of tears and any damage induced by dry eye to the ocular surface.  However, examination of the eyelids is critical for accurate diagnosis and understanding the cause of dry eye.  Exmaination of the eyelids not only includes microscope assessment, we also at blink rate, blink quality and most importantly Meibography.  Prior to the consultation we will ask you to fill in our online dry eye questionnaire.  A full dry eye assessment takes around 40 minutes and after the tests are complete we will explain the results and come up with a treatment / management plan.

Dry Eye Tests: Video

Video from www.optimed.co.uk

Tear volume is assessed by looking at the tears along the lower eyelid or using a Schirmer strip of Red Thread test which evaluates the how much tears absorbed into a thin paper or thread.  The tear break-up time test can also help to determine tear film stability. More specialised tests at our practice look at the thickness of the oil layer, tear sampling to measure inflammatory biomarkers in the tear film, meibography (to look at the oil-producing glands) and a variety of ocular staining tests using a number of temporary dyes that show up damaged cells on the eye.

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